Tribune Tavern

401 13th Street
Oakland, CA 94607

The Tribune Tavern is located in the heart of Oakland’s City Center in the historic Oakland Tribune Tower. For over 100 years, the tower’s ground level “local room” was where reporters worked side by side sharing headlines and news of the day. We are proud to continue the tradition of this famous gathering spot as a place to power-lunch, watch a game, mingle over drinks, or dine at the end of a busy day.

The Oakland Landmark building is an iconic part of the City of Oakland’s identity since the 1920s. The evening glow from the famous orange clocks and neon-lit Tribune letters surrounding its tower are frequently captured on nationally live-televised events and used in logos and hundreds of images that promote the City to the world.

Though the Oakland Tribune publishing company has moved on, the building’s new owner and Tavern proprietor, Tom Henderson, is passionate about maintaining the integrity and feel of the past. He has transformed the Tribune’s century-old newsroom into a tavern with stylish comfort food, and a well- stocked bar featuring local beers and wines affordable enough for everyone to enjoy.

Come on down to the Tavern and find out what’s at the heart of the city!