DJ Angie Vee


Dj Angie Vee is Hollywoods freshest female Dj. Her musical knowledge & uncomparable ability to read a crowd is quickly making her one of this years hottest tickets. Angie's dancer background makes her not only a great Dj but aslo a great performer while she's in the mix. She is also one of the few Dj's who still mixes occasionally on vinyl. Angie has rocked Hollywoods hottest nights & has a vast celebrity following. She has traveled around the nation as Nike's Go To Dj. She was asked to join the legendary Dj Spinderella's The Backspin Crew, making her the youngest of the 6 member crew. She has graced the pages of People Magazine & even had her very own playlist published. When you aren't catching her on your Netflix as Anjelah Johnsons "Thats How We Do It" comedy special DJ, you can catch her on the airwaves in LA doing guest sets on 93.5 Kday. Her style is Sky Is The Limit! She plays anything from Hip Hop, Rock, Electro, Top 40, Old School, Soul, Funk, House & the list goes on. She is a rising star & on the verge of breaking new ground, so make sure you catch her while you can.