Anthony J Ellison

New Single Release Tilted ''My Life''

Apr, 01

My Life By-Songwriter/Rapper Anthony J Ellison

Story about hardship as a young child all through aduilt life!

SongWriter/Rapper-Anthony J Ellison born 1976 in Harlem New York,Raised in Long Beach CA,Started pursing his rap venture in 1986-1987 with his uncle who use to Dj who influence Anthony into writing his first lyric,Then in the 90's the year of the Mc Battle he mad a little name for him self from the streets to the county jail,Yes the artist been through his battle of up's and down's during his teen yrs which lead to miss opportunity's by some of Hollywood well Known's,Fast Forward to the 2000's in Las Vegas the songwriter/rapper did some projects with local artist there,that spark notice to a group called Third World from the Bay Area,the Artist and Edwin J Applewhite,Marvin Wilkins,Dashawn aka 5,was invited to a New Years Eve Mansion Party that turn out to be the artist cue into the entertainment industry