Rick Porter


Born as Cedrick Durrell Tullison, Rick Porter, started from humble beginnings. Born at Methodist South Hospital in Memphis, Tn. Cedrick aka Rick Porter was the oldest of five raised by a single mother. Although she tried to provide a better life obstacle held that better life just out of reach. This fact leads Rick Porter to gang life and selling drugs in his teens. Even though making money on the streets gave his family some form of relief, music is what gave Rick Porter a purpose. He started his musical journey singing romancing girl with his soulful voice. As his lyrics become more about the life he leads his singing RnB transformed into rapping. From this transformation, an urban sound was born. Always penning his thoughts and breathing life his art lead Rick Porter to mix-tapes such as: No Options, Mo Options, No Mo Options and Struggle. Still he pursues his dream that one day will provide for him, his children and family.