Steve Powers


You would be hard-pressed to find an artist more dedicated to his craft than Steve Powers. The NYC-based DJ/producer has accomplished in a few years time what many of his peers strive to achieve in their entire careers.

Powers is a man on a mission to spread his high energy progressive style of music around the world. He has IT, a certain charisma that draws the crowd in. Few can match the energy and passion that Steve brings during his live performances and it is that exact stage presence that saw him sign on as a featured artist for the grand opening of the Cirque Du Soleil inspired Light Nightclub in Las Vegas. Steve Powers has played to a sold-out crowd on the main stage at WaveFront Festival in Chicago and when in hometown NYC, is a regular at several of the city's most prestigious nightclubs, most notably the Tao Group properties Lavo & Marquee. When it comes to working the Pioneer CDJ’s, Powers has it down to a tee, possessing a natural ability to mix various genres of electronic music seamlessly.

But as exciting as his career has been to this day, it is all just the beginning for this artist. Years of working on and refining his production skills has lead to a bonafide arsenal of top flight tunes just aching to be released. Stay tuned to Steve Powers on social media for upcoming shows, music, & more.