Sex Panther


After going to countless shows and seeing lackluster DJ's standing behind computers and merely turning knobs, Aaron decided that something needed to be done, not just for himself, but for the sake of the PARTY.

He believes that performance is everything, with music selection and crowd interaction being two halves of the puzzle that can make or break a night. From dialogue on the mic, to feeding girls shots, he somehow seems to make the crowds go CRAZY.

He has held residences at Supperclub Hollywood and Nikki Beach Las Vegas. Also, has performed at WMC Miami, held residencies at Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas, Wild Knight Arizona, and The Groove Cruise.

With his performance game on point, he has been spending months in the studio, creating a long list of unreleased tracks that have some of the biggest labels in the industry wanting more. His most recent track ‘Rue’ is set to release on Starkillers label BRAWLA Records Summer of 2015.

Between his solid fan base, his ubiquitous social media presence, and the top-notch productions, there is no question that Sex Panther will be a name to watch out for in 2015 and beyond.