Chris Garcia


Making Each Year Count, 150 gigs at a time….

“I remember the feeling. I remember getting Goosebumps listening to my father entertain crowds and saying, ‘I need to do that some day.’” To move an audience – both literally and figuratively. Move them to dance, move them to sweat, and move them to have memorable moments that last a lifetime. Babies were made listening to Chris Garcia’s style of sexy tech house and groovy melodies. Somewhere along the way “Nice to meet you” becomes “I do.”

The easiest way to understand how far Garcia has come since landing in the States ten years ago is to pay close attention to the venues he has played. From opening the main stage at EDC in 2012, to the BPM festival in 2013. Chris has headlined nine of the top ten grossing venues in America, and more than half of the top 50. With headliner residencies at Playhouse in Los Angeles, Vessel in San Francisco, Set in Miami, Sutra in Orange County, and plenty of others.