Hot Tub Limo


Hot Tub Limo got their start in the beginning of 2010 in Grasonville,

Maryland. The group spent countless hours on nights and weekends selecting and rehearsing songs in the hopes of one day getting a gig.

The fusion of different musical tastes, facial hair and whiskey fueled an unstoppable drive to  entertain the masses and see the world. After months of practice the group landed their first gig on St. Patricks Day

2010. Developing a local following for their rocked up versions of top 40 music the band started landing regular gigs. 

From that point on the band started playing 3 - 4 nights a week throughout Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC and beyond.

The band has a few principles they like to stand by including playing several charity shows a year, always getting to know fans at the show

and always evolving the show to keep it fresh.

Troughout the course of 2012 the band spent any available time between two studios, The Crayon Box and The Elsewhere Room, where they recorded their first album of all original music. The album titled

"Champagne In Prison" was released in January of 2013. 

The band is currently unsigned but hopes to sell out, go platinum, tour the world, and be role models for coverbands everywhere.


Hot Tub Limo is 

John Frase - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar (PRS Artist Profile)

Joe Comfort - Drum/Vocals

Forrest Anderson - Lead Guitar (PRS Artist Profile)

Rohry Flood - Bass