Scotty Fox

Resident DJ on Q102.1.  He plays HIP HOP, EDM, TOP 40, MASHUPS and REMIXES.
Scotty Fox's career is punctuated by creativity and rebellion – destroying conventional radio with his diabolical mixes. His remixes featured on the Top Secret compilation series became the industry standard. He has opened for thousands at various concert venues and clubs, always rising above the herd with his exceptional skills. But despite his meteoric success, Fox remains grounded about his achievements and clearly loves mixxing and playing music above the accolades it brings.

Born in San Francisco, Scotty Fox became a DJ because he 'liked to share music with other people." "When I was younger, I'd listen to Cameron Paul's mix show, where he would remix and cut up different tracks, and I just thought - "I wanna do this!" Starting out with a mobile DJ crew,

Rhythm In Motion, around the Bay Area, he progressed to clubs, and then radio in 1996, learning and perfecting his craft every step of the way. His weekly "Chop Shop" mixes became legendary in the Bay for their creativity and willingness to break conventional rules.

"Music was always my first love but back then I didn't know it was possible to make a living out of being a DJ..."  

In 2001 Fox joined the KMEL All-Star DJs, in a daily late-night spot designed to blow minds and break music. Moving to 8pm daily later in the year, he continued the success of the "Chop Shop" with Big Von, the host. Together, they played the defining role in returning local Bay Area artists to the airwaves, sparking the phenomenon known as the Hyphy Movement, and inspiring a legion of DJs in the Bay to embrace the local scene.

In 1989, I was really a hip-hop DJ, but now I've travelled round the world so much, different influences have seeped in and I play a bit of everything. I think the only way forward for DJs now is to play a diverse mix of sounds. Never limit yourself, never close your mind." Indeed, his brand of DJing was always pushing at the constraints of the genre anyway, incorporating different elements into every blend, different skills, and styles of music at every end of the spectrum.

The many high profile gigs and shows have now taken Scotty Fox away from the remix game, and propelled him to become more of a celebrity DJ.  "Often at my shows now, half of the people are die-hard clubbers, but

the other half are people who know me from the radio, or from more mainstream gigs," he says of his following. "It's more like they're going to a concert, so now I get a great mix of both worlds. I deliver those worlds."

The future for Fox promises yet further success, both as the radio personality he's become and the exceptional DJ we know him to be. "More travelling, more music, more success " he agrees, "but it's hard to look too far into the future. Every couple of months it seems that something new, unexpected and exciting is happening!"