Andy V.


It’s only natural that Andy Vargas’ talents and experience in the world of music and entertainment would bring him full circle to creating one of the most entertaining and original DJ performances of the 21st century. Much of Andy’s musical career has been spent touring the world as a lead singer for Santana, keeping him tied to his Latin roots and exposing him to phenomenal world musical influences. He’s performed alongside countless rock legends and innovators alike. Andy has witnessed the evolution of music worldwide and this lays the groundwork for a DJ performance unlike you’ve ever seen. He fuses Soul, Latin Funk, World Beat, High Energy remixes and a lot of other surprises.

Andy brings something different to the stage that everyone can groove to. He introduces you to the best of his exposure touring the world and he goes beyond that by incorporating incredible live vocals to his show. What you get is more than just a DJ, you get an experience. At any Andy Vargas event you witness a professional performer who’s a key contributor to sold out shows of 20,000.

Welcome to the sounds of Andy Vargas