Rock-it! Scientists


The ROCK-IT! SCIENTISTS, are a west-coast DJ/Production tandem that first exploded onto the scene in 2006. In the past few years, with their rise as both DJs and Music Producers, the ROCK-IT! SCIENTISTS have catapulted themselves to the top echelon of DJs. They hold residencies in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Atlantic City and even internationally in the Dominican Republic, Canada, China & Taiwan. Thanks in part to their celebrity DJ status and larger-than-life remixes, the ROCK-IT! SCIENTISTS are now a household name for both live performances and stellar production.

The pair are a non-stop high-energy duo that is notorious for filling up dancefloors. Musically, their sets are filled with exclusive one of a kind remixes of crowd favorites with their own signature touch. Reworking such artists as Kanye West, Rihanna, Rage Against the Machine, LMFAO and countless others, their remixing takes a so-so track and transforms it into an in-your-face club anthem. Even artists such as Far East Movement, Martin Solveig, J. Cole and Wynter Gordon have called upon the remixing talents of the Rock-It! Scientists for official label releases.

With their prolific production schedule, the ROCK-IT! SCIENTISTS amass plenty of fodder for a yearly mix release. Appropriately named, these "Blast Off" mixes take the Open Format mix CD and raise the bar to Stratospheric heights. Focusing on a tracklist composed of entirely Rock-It! Scientists bootlegs & official releases, the mixes are regarded among their DJ peers and fans alike as "the best CDs they've ever heard." As if breaking new ground in one genre wasn't enough, in 2011 the ROCK-IT! SCIENTISTS introduced a new mix series: Sounds of Science. These mixes feature an all electronic/house music base, but still offer that signature "ROCK-IT" sound & creativity. Both mix series have received critical acclaim from Be sure to visit their website and grab the latest mixes of all these popular series!