DJ EarlWill is a 23 year old DJ based out of Los Angeles / Orange County California. At the age of 18 he began to DJ as a hobby, and that has later evolved into his presence being felt across the internet with his sensational mixes. DJ EarlWill’s ability to play multiple genre’s makes him one of the more multifaceted DJ’s on the scene. He possesses the necessary skill to stun a crowd with “Hip Hop”, “Electronic Dance Music” and “Top 40?.

He attributes his understanding of music to his early involvement in music education, which included piano and guitar lessons. Most recently he has performed at various venues where he has electrified the crowd with his style and diverse skill set. Once you have listened to one of his mixes you will understand why his music is revered and why it has been featured on the front page of websites such as Mixcloud, House-mixes and Mixcrate.

Stay tuned for more of this young talent in the future.