The Best 2016 New Year's Eve Party in Los Angeles

Saturday, December 31, 2016 7:30 PM - 12:30 AM PST

Event Details

AGES 21+


The Best 2016

New Year's Eve Party 

in Los Angeles

Don't Miss Our Fourth Celebration In A Row...

A Boomer Bash For Singles, Couples, and Marrieds



When you average over 400 participants for a party three years in a row, there is bound to be a very vocal group of people asking for a repeat performance. We’ve been getting requests all year long for another event this New Year’s Eve. Fortunately, the Sportsmen’s Lodge is still available for us. So, we are planning on another great party.

One of the reasons that we drew so many people is that we gave great value in a classy, upbeat, secure, convenient and comfortable environment. Most people over 40 could not imagine mingling with 20 and 30 year old crowds in West Hollywood and Hollywood. Nor, are they willing to succumb to greatly inflated price tags at country clubs, hotels and restaurants.

Last year, Bob Levine and I (Fred Gansky) changed our program. We raised our prices and offered unlimited drinks. This sounded like a good idea, but many people did not think unlimited drinks was worth the extra cost, especially since our previous year’s drink prices were so reasonable. And, unfortunately, many others just couldn’t drink enough. That was not desirable for a host of obvious reasons. So, we decided to go back to our old formula of two years ago, but with some special incentives. As you can imagine, it is human nature for people to put off making decisions in general. Many people just simply held off till the last couple of weeks before reserving their spot. We decided that we really wanted to reward those who could plan a little further ahead and make a commitment.

Therefore, from now until Thanksgiving eve we are going to charge only $79 for entrance to the dinner dance. And, from the day after Thanksgiving until midnight December 15, the cost will be $99. For those who absolutely must wait until the last two weeks, we will charge $119 for all tickets purchased after midnight December 15. Remember, all tickets must be prepaid. No tickets will be sold at the door.

I do not know how you can get a better bargain anywhere for what we are offering. As usual we will offer a three course gourmet dinner, two bands, CDs, professional dance hosts, free parking (for as long as space is available), no tax or tipping,

We've had check-in problems the previous two years that slowed everyone down. We felt that this was unacceptable, so last year when we took your credit card payment we sent a confirmation E mail to your address, or to someone you designated, with acknowledgment of your payment and reservation, your table number and confirmation of your main course selection. This worked really well. Most people could get to their seats in less than five minutes. So, we will use the same procedure this year. Remember, just like at a theater, you will need to bring this E mail with you to access the party. You cannot get in without it, so do not forget it. Please call back if you do not receive it. We will have people stationed at the doors to the ballroom who will quickly peruse your information and send you on to your table. When your waiter comes to you, please show the meal selection to him that was confirmed in your E mail.

And, also like last we will do our best to have exclusive tables just for singles.

In the past we did our best to accommodate people's request to sit with friends, even moving people around many days or, even weeks after their friends had reserved their spot, and even when tables were already full. This was a nightmare! For those people that we pleased, there were many more that we disappointed. Last year we exclusively took reservations only on a first come, first served basis. So, if you want to make sure that you will sit with your friends this year, you all must reserve at the same time. We will not hold spaces open at any table in anticipation of people reserving later. The best advice I can give you is to put your parties together at one time and reserve early. Once we fill a table, we can do nothing more. And, if you wait until the last week, it may be impossible to accommodate six or eight people at the same table. We will do our best, but we can't guarantee it. That's why it is truly advisable to decide early. And, as you can see, we are rewarding those who can make a decision early (by Thanksgiving) with a sizable discount.

Some people disregarded their table assignment and just sat where they wanted, usually with friends who had reserved much earlier. Please do not do this. It is a distraction and upsetting to those whose seat you occupy. Our security guards will have master lists and quickly usher you out of that seat. It's embarrassing for all concerned, so please respect our decorum.

Our non-stop music was a big hit last year. We had two bands taking turns. But, there was always a little delay in the transfer from one band to another. So, in between sets we will have CDs playing dance songs until the next band is ready.

We pick our bands carefully. We want the best cross section of music from oldies, swing, rock, rap, salsa, techno, disco, etc. Between the two bands and the CDs you can be assured of hearing just about everything.

As of this writing, we are using the same rooms that we did last year: The Cascade, Starlight and Waterfall Ballrooms. They all are open to each other. Our capacity is around 380 people. You can see that there is a very good chance that we might sell out......and sell out early, especially with our highly discounted prices. So, please try and make an early decision to join us.

Last year we promoted our event through print and social media, area Meetup groups, singles organizations, athletic organizations, dance groups, dating coaches, matchmakers, selling agents, and New Year's Eve Internet ticket vendors. We expect to bolster these groups this year. We also would welcome your help in spreading the word. Our best endorsement is a positive referral. So, tell your friends, family and colleagues about the event.

The Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel & Ballroom in Studio City (12833 Ventura Blvd, 91604) is centrally located in the San Fernando Valley, within a half hour drive from the Westside, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westlake & the west Valley, Pasadena, Burbank and Glendale, and the Santa Clarita Valley. It's a perfect location for pulling in the most people in southern California. Doors will open at 7:30 PM! The party will go to 12:30 AM


Here are our two bands:

There are a lot of great, well known bands around Los Angeles. We thought that it might be exciting to offer you a new look this year. So, we arranged to have Skyline return, but we added one of our other area favorites, Bobby and the Angels.

The six members of the Skyline band specialize in dance music over the past four decades: R & B, Funk, Motown, Pop, Rock, Old School, Cha Chas, Cumbias. If you can dance to it, Skyline plays it. They were the house band at Sardos Restaurant in Burbank for 18 years and the main band at Club Sixty 25 in Tarzana from 2008 until 2011.

Bobby and the Angels played for me at a few of my house parties. “Bobby and the Angels” out of Hollywood California play great 50’s 60’s and 70’s Rock n’ Roll including

many of the all-time coolest Surf and Car tunes. “Bobby and the Angels” are fun to dance to especially if you love the music from the 60’s Beach Scene...“Pipeline”, “Walk Don’t Run”, “Surf City”, “Louie, Louie”, “Tequila”, “Sleepwalk” and much more. Then the band might just go crazy, “Daddio”, with Hot Rod Rockabilly like “Rock This Town”, “That’ll Be the Day”, “Hello Mary Lou”, “Rock Around the Clock” “Ring of Fire”, “Summertime Blues” then gently apply the brakes with “All I Have to Do is Dream”, “Be My Baby” or even the Beatles “And I Love Her”.


If you like to dance or just listen to great sounds of the past and present, then we will have an unbelievable night in store for you.

Our menu for the evening will be:

Salad: Wedge Salad with crumbled blue cheese, chives, crisp bacon, tomato; blue cheese or ranch dressing

Entrée: Your choice of Pan Roasted Chicken with marsala sauce, Atlantic Salmon with Dill or Citrus Sauce, or Sliced Tri-Tip Steak With Mushroom Sauce, or a Vegetarian dish (usually lasagna); all served with seasonal vegetable and creamy Yukon mashed potatoes.

Dessert: Tiramisu Cheesecake

Warm rolls and butter, coffee, water, iced and hot tea will also be served.


We really hope that you will feel that this is the best New Year's Eve party in town and will reserve and pay early before we sell out. Payment and reservation information must be made by calling Bob Levine at 818-554-2262. You will be sent your E mail confirmation within three days. If you do not receive it, please call back as this is your sole means for entering the party. Irrespective of when you make your reservation, all reservations should be made by 11:00 PM, December 26. We will try and accommodate reservations after this date until 11:00 PM, December 30, but we cannot guarantee your choice of entrée.


Directions to Sportsmen's Lodge: From West Hollywood area-Take Laurel Canyon Blvd north to Ventura Blvd, left turn, 1 mile to facility. From Beverly Hills are-Take Coldwater Canyon Blvd north (facility is at Coldwater and Ventura). From Pasadena/Glendale-Take 134 into the 101 and exit at Coldwater Canyon. Make left turn and go 1 mile to driveway entrance on left side just before Ventura. From Westside-Take the 405 north to 101 east to Coldwater Canyon Blvd. Make right turn and go 1 mile to driveway entrance on left side just before Ventura. From west Valley, Ventura and Westlake areas-go east on the 101 to Coldwater Canyon Blvd and make right turn to facility. From Santa Clarita Valley-Take 405 south to 101 east to Coldwater Canyon Blvd and make right to facility.