ScreamsFromHell Halloween Club/Pub Crawl 2016

Saturday, October 29, 2016 8:00 PM - 3:00 AM EST

Event Details

AGES 19+

2016 ScreamsFromHell Halloween Club.Pub Crawl downtown Toronto! Saturday October 29!3 Downtown Nightclubs, Limo Party Buses between clubs, 1 VIP Wristband! DOORS 8PM.

Witness the SCREAMS FROM HELL as we present to you the annual SCREAMSFROMHELL.COM HALLOWEEN CLUB CRAWL as we club hop to 3 of Toronto’s top multi level nightclubs on this crazy night of mayhem kicking off at 8pm inside the luxurious CUBE Toronto! All you need is 1 VIP Wristband which will grant you access to 3 of the top nightclubs, limo bus transportation between bars (no school buses on this club crawl) and all cover and by pass is included! Arrive in style in various limo party buses. VIEW LAST YEAR PHOTOS FACEBOOK.COM/HALLOWEENCLUBCRAWL

-3 Downtown Multi Level Nightclubs 
-Limo Party Buses & PARTY BUSES between each nightclub starting at 9pm
-VIP Wristband which includes no cover, instant access
-Giveaways & costume contests
-Photographers in club and each limo bus
– And Much more

19+ event, id required for entry. VIP Wristbands only valid for the club crawl only.

Start your night this Halloween weekend inside the luxurious CUBE Toronto located at 314 Queen St West! Present your tickets to event organizers to retrieve your VIP Wristband to gain access to this year’s SCREAMSFROMHELL Halloween Club Crawl! Party on 2 floors while guest DJ’s play all your top tunes until its time to jump on board various limo buses & party buses as it guides you to 3 of Toronto’s top multi level nightclubs across King St West & Pearl St! Buses depart outside CUBE 9pm sharp.

At 9pm the party will continue to MAISON OR FICTION NIGHTCLUB where you’ll party on 2 floors with guest DJ’s playing all your top tunes. At 11 we will make our way to SET/STUDIO EVENT THEATRE nightclub on King St West featuring 2 rooms as we party the night away.

ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY EVENT! TICKETS INCREASE WEEKLY STARTING OCT 1 or call/text 647-738-4565 for group rates! Tickets increase weekly starting October 1!

$30 PARTY BUS & VIP ADMISSION: tickets include: Regular Party bus between bars starting at 9pm, VIP wristband for entry and line by pass, no cover & instant access. Buses depart outside CUBE 9pm sharp. Party buses hold 60 people each

$40 LIMO PARTY BUS & VIP ADMISSION: tickets include: VIP limo party bus, VIP GOLD wristband, no cover, no line, limo bus transportation between each nightclub starting at 9pm, live entertainment and music on the bus, photographer on each bus. Each limo bus holds 50 people.
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$25 VIP GENERAL ADMISSION: tickets include: VIP wristband, no cover, no line, leaders leading the way to each nightclub starting at 9pm. BUS NOT INCLUDED

Wristband must be obtained at your first destination- CUBE NIGHTCLUB located at 314 Queen St West on Saturday October 29,2016 at 8pm-9pm only! All ticket buyers must provide valid ID for entry and to obtain your VIP Wristbands which will provide you access to 3 of this year’s top nightclubs part of the SCREAMSFROMHELL CLUB CRAWL. Everyone will follow as a group to each destination until we reached our final stop of the night. Limo Party Buses& Party Buses will be available to all ticket buyers who have purchased either a limo bus or party bus tickets and will have transportation between each nightclub starting at 9pm. Buses depart outside CUBE 9pm sharp. Announcements will be made when its time to board and depart each location. All general admission ticket holders will follow as a group to each location. All nightclubs will be minutes apart and have leaders to guide you to each nightclub during its set times.

Music Genres:
Hip-Hop, r&b, reggae, old school, house, euro, top 40, club hits
*Each venue will showcase guest DJ’s Different Themes/ Each nightclub have multi floors and rooms*

COSTUMES MANDATORY, but HEY if you don’t want wear a costume you can still join the party!

Q- Where would everyone meet up?
A- Everyone will meet up @ at 8pm-9pm at CUBE NIGHTCLUB and present their ticket stubs or e-tickets and receive a VIP wristbands to get the exclusive all access treatment to the SCREAMSFROMHELL.COM HALLOWEEN CLUB CRAWL. Starting at 9pm the party will continue as we club crawl to its next destinations in the downtown Toronto core.

Q- How Does this actually work?
A- Once you have received your wristbands you will get VIP treatment at each venue, upon arrival to CUBE you will enter and party away until its time to depart. Simply show your wristband at the venue and you will get no cover, no line during the club crawl by following various hosts. We will follow as a group to each bar. Our super fun party hosts will lead the way to the different locations and limo bus/party bus ticket holders will have bus transportation between venues starting at 9pm. We will make our way to 3 selected venues. WRISTBANDS ARE ONLY VALID FOR THE CLUB CRAWL ONLY.

Q- What time will I be able to get my Wristbands?
A. Wristbands will be given out on Saturday October 29 from 8pm-9pm at the starting location- CUBE NIGHTCLUB located at 314 QUEEN ST WEST and at the second location until 10pm. All ticket holders must present their tickets to get a wristband for access to all the nightclubs part of the club crawl. If your unable to meet at the starting location before 9pm, have one of your guests pick up your wristbands for you and you can join the club crawl at the nightclub we arrived to. Doors open at 8pm. All ticket holders must be at the starting location before 9pm as buses and group leaders will start to leave at 9pm. It is highly recommended to arrive at CUBE before 9pm to get a wristband. Cube is your first stop and DJ’s will be rocking the house until its time to depart.

Q- What time do buses leave?
A- Buses will leave from CUBE at 9pm sharp! Please arrive early to receive your VIP Wristbands. Buses will make its way back until 930pm just in case you missed your departure.

Q- How long do we stay at each location?
A- Each location will be 1hr 30mins and your last stop will be until close which is 3am.

Q- Is there more than 1 bus?
A- Yes! There will be tons of buses to transport everyone. Each limo bus hold 50 people and every party bus holds 60 people. Limo buses will be different from party buses. Limo buses feature surround sound, LED lights, poles, dance floor and more.

Q- Can we order bottle service for the last stop?
A- To reserve bottle service/VIP booths please call/text All booths must be reserved in advance.

Q- How do we get from club to club?
A- All Clubs Are Minute Apart. VIP General Admission ticket holders- VIP Hosts will lead the way to each destination, Simply Crawl, Stomp, Walk Or Run all venues will Be walking distance.All wristbands holders will follow as a group to all venues part of the club crawl, your wristbands will have the list of venues in order. VIP Limo Bus & Party Bus ticket holders will board various buses and be taken to each location in style starting at 9pm until we reached our last stop for the evening-

Q- Whats the difference between limo bus and party bus?
A- Limo buses will feature LED lights, poles, dance floors, leather seating, surround sound and live photographer on each bus. Limo buses will be the buses you see under LIMO BUS photos. Party bus will be a regular bus that holds 60 people.

Q- What if I can’t make it to the 1st location to pick up my wristbands?
A- We recommend everyone to arrive at the main stop if you can’t make it please send someone to pick up your wristbands and you can meet them at their current location to join the party where you can join from there. Wristbands may also be picked up until 10pm at your second location.

Q- How do we know when to go to the next location?
A- Our MC’S will announce when we will be heading to the next destination. Everyone will be notified 20mins before departure. Also your wristbands have all the set times and venue details just in case you missed the announcement :)

Q- Whats the difference between VIP General Admission , VIP Limo Party bus & party bus tickets?
A- VIP General Admission gives you all the same benefits- no cover, no line, etc but without the limo bus or party bus so you may club crawl to the destinations by following hosts without the bus, we follow as a group. VIP Limo Party bus simply gives you VIP transportation without walking and arriving at each location in style in various limo buses . Limo buses feature LED lights dance floor, surround sound, photographer on the bus. Party buses will be different from limo buses. Party buses will be a regular party bus. Limo buses hold 50 people each bus and party bus holds 60.